We are lucky to be in a country where we can express ourselves and I feel we should use this right as a tool to empower others.
I am an L.G.B.T.+ activist and I believe that you too have a voice it and it should be heard.

Bradley Brock


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I’m a make up artist and male makeup wearer as well as a huge skin nerd followed by a drag performer for mainly the west coast of Ireland but slowly and surly branching out to areas near you.
I’m into fashion and trends, do not feel like you have to go with any trend be your own kind of unique and be yourself.

Fashion trends tend to come and go and repeat themselves where as you’re only here once but I do love to see fashion tends and review them from celebrities, galas and events.

We have equality here which is rare in some places on this earth. I also volunteer and help set up a LGBT+ friends youth group in my local town.

I’m going to bring you all fresh new content each week with regular weekly videos as well as some random topics, vlogs, events, guest and much more so be sure to like, subscribe or follow me to keep up to date with me.

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